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Euskalduna Bilbao is the first conference centre certified by AENOR guaranteeing maximum health and hygiene for hosting your events.


In Euskalduna we are committed to the safety of our events. We have developed a protocol for events and for all the people attending them.


1.- Complete renovation and a new more efficient F9 air filtering system.

2.- Capacity reduction of all rooms and spaces in order to ensure the safety of people attending. Capacity reduction and special signage in toilets, lifts and common areas.

3.- Additional signage for accessing Euskalduna Bilbao and in all indoor spaces to ensure the proper flow and access of people in accordance with existing regulations.

Control and availability of contacting all of the people attending activities in Euskalduna Bilbao in order to facilitate possible surveillance and control work by the health authorities.

5.- Special safety protocols for workers, promoters, organisers and activity organisation staff.

6.- Euskalduna Bilbao COVID-19 hygiene and disinfection protocol and specific actions before, during and after every event.

7.- Safety and hygiene protocol for activities and technical equipment during the events. Use of disposable earphones for simultaneous translation services.

8.- Support for organisers and promoters in creating special safety protocols for their activities.

9.- Create new services for Euskalduna clients to meet the new technological needs and requirements such as registration, accreditations, streaming and videoconference services, wrapping, printing services, etc…

10.- New catering and restaurant services for event organisers ensuring safety distances, served coffee and buffet services or packs.


You can download the safety protocols implemented below, and we have also included a summary video as an example.

Euskalduna resumes its activity and ensures a safe environment for its clients.

Download the Security Protocols of the Euskalduna Conference Centre here



If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us:


Tel.: + 34 944 035 000