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Space name Maximun capacity See details
Auditorium 2,164
Room 0B 613
Room 0C 103
Room 0D 305
Room 0A 150
Room 0E 435
Room 3A 90
Room 5A 86
Room 5HTERRAZA 120
Room 3B 45
Room 5B 45
Room 1B 24
Space name Maximun capacity See details
Room 1A 20
Room 2EXTERIOR 215
Room 3H 70
Room 3G 70
Room 3F 70
Office rooms: 3C-3D 10
Office rooms: 5C-5D-5E-5F-5G 10-20
Room 2VIP 22
Euskalduna Urban Hall
Euskalduna outdoor
Space name Surface area in m² See details
Exhibition Hall * 4,200m2
Foyers and Hall 1 Office 6,000m2
Hall 1 606m2
Space name Surface area in m² See details
Terrace 5 218.70m2
Terrace 7 922.30m2

Our services

Service See details
3JAUREGIA Restaurant
Conference bar
Intermission bar
Dressing rooms bar
Abandoibarra Cafeteria
Room 1C
Service See details
Car park for 475 vehicles
Rehearsal rooms
Dressing rooms
Technical means and specialised human team

The Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall offers an extensive range of technical services to help you manage your event: audiovisual equipment, simultaneous translation, lighting, office automation, stage equipment, ticket sales, ushering...

Our objective is to provide our customers with the best solutions to meet their needs together with the logistics required for the preparation and management of an event.

There are technical aids available to people with disabilities: download the Euskalduna Conference Centre’s accessibility guide.

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