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The building was designed by architects Federico Soriano and Dolores Palacios to resemble a vessel permanently under construction surging forth from the docks where the Euskalduna shipyard once stood. It is a tribute to the former steelmaking and shipbuilding tradition scattered along Bilbao’s riverbanks.

Free guided tours

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Visitors per group

40 people maximum

Pre-booked tours

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115 € + IVA

Visitors per group

20 people maximum


Euskalduna has a unique design and architecture that make this building an icon of the city and the territory. Through this visit, the public will discover the corners, stories, anecdotes and quirks of this ship.
Euskalduna Bilbao is an open and inclusive centre that works to ensure that everyone can enjoy culture, especially those with accessibility needs.
We have designed this visit with you in mind, with everyone in mind. We hope you enjoy Euskalduna and that this visit is the first of many to come.

Please, bear in mind that:
The visit starts at the main esplanade (Door 2) and goes through the building’s main spaces and halls.
It will last approximately one hour.
Capacity: 40 people maximum.
Free visits.
Language used in the visit: Basque, Spanish, and/or English.
The visit will alternate between the 3 languages depending on the needs of the group that day.





If you come in a wheelchair, you are a person with reduced mobility, hearing, visual, or cognitive limitations…. If you find yourself in one of the following situations and you wish to send us any questions or information before the day of your visit, you can write to us at More info.



-The guided tour is subject to the activity of Euskalduna, which has the right to cancel the visit if required.
-Euskalduna, for technical or artistic reasons, may modify the planned route.
-The visits will start punctually with no possibility of joining the group once they have started.
-Photographs and videos are allowed unless expressly indicated otherwise by the guide.
-Due to security reasons, the guide’s indications must be followed at all times; free circulation is not permitted.

Book a guided tour

Please fill out the following form or call +34 944 035 000 to book a guided tour.

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