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The building was designed by architects Federico Soriano and Dolores Palacios to resemble a vessel permanently under construction surging forth from the docks where the Euskalduna shipyard once stood. It is a tribute to the former steelmaking and shipbuilding tradition scattered along Bilbao’s riverbanks.

Free guided tours for the general public

Day of visit




Visitors per group

30 people maximum

Guided tours in the building have been cancelled until further notice

Tickets can purchased from the tour guide

A second guided tour will be scheduled for 13.00 hours should there be more than 30 people. The areas to be visited may vary as a function of conference centre occupation and uses.

Tours can be cancelled if deemed necessary due to conference centre activities.

Pre-booked tours

Tour days

Weekdays, Saturday afternoons and Sundays


To be scheduled

Visitors per group

30 people maximum

Price: On weekdays: €4 per person in the case of 17 or more visitors | If there are less than 17 people, 65 euros will be charged for the entire group | 90 euros will be charged per group on Saturday afternoons and holidays.

Guided tours conducted in languages other than Basque or Spanish will be charged at a rate of €90.

Tickets can be purchased from the conference guide

Tours can be cancelled if deemed necessary due to conference centre activities.

Book a guided tour

Please fill out the following form or call +34 944 035 000 to book a guided tour.

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