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Euskalduna Bilbao Hybrid - ON-SITE - ON-LINE

EUSKALDUNA HYBRID is the innovative solution for your upcoming Meetings&Events. In-person attendees at the Euskalduna will enjoy a safe environment where, together with virtual participants, they can interact via speeches, networking activities, stands and virtual sets.

Virtual attendees
, meanwhile, can participate in the event from any part of the world via streaming (LIVE), and can also access video on demand (VOD) material from any device as and when they feel like it.

Without Limits | Euskalduna Hybrid tu evento Híbrido online y presencial


Euskalduna Bilbao is the first conference centre certified by AENOR guaranteeing maximum health and hygiene for hosting your events.


Discover the 4 options of EUSKALDUNA HYBRID:


Do you want to know more? Download our dossier.


Do you want to know more? Download our dossier.


Do you want to know more? Download our dossier.


Do you want to know more? Download our dossier.


EUSKALDUNA HYBRID combines, in a single event, the safety of face-to-face meetings with the technological benefits of virtual connections, thus maximising the interaction of online attendees.

These types of hybrid events are a perfect way of combining an onsite event in a safe setting with an online event, and also enabling you to benefit from all the technological advantages to achieve the essential attendee online interaction.

Attendees actively participate in hybrid events, generating real time feedback, as if they were physically attending.


If you are thinking about hosting a hybrid event, please contact us:



Download Euskalduna Hybrid