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Congresses have increased their preference for the Euskalduna Conference Centre with a total of 38 at different times throughout 2018 attracting 69,105 attendees. The 5 largest congresses that have exceeded 1,000 people in 2018 have been: SEIMC, National Congress of the Spanish Association of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology; the 33rd Ibero-American El Sol Communication Festival: the 30th European Congress of Pathology; the GSEF-Global Social Economy Forum; and the 12th National Congress of the Labclin Clinical Laboratory. 


The satisfactory cultural balance shown in 2018 confirms, for another year, that our own and other customs and traditions, are the watchword and signal of the Euskalduna Conference Centre, that has offered a large selection for the general public based upon music, theatre, opera, ballet, zarzuela, projections. . . A total of, 156 shows, 10 more than in 2017, giving a total amount of 364 performances, leading to an occupation of 65%.

Digital Euskalduna

Euskalduna Conference Centre is not unfamiliar with the use of social media and has continued to open avenues in this sense in 2018. It has increased its community by 32.17%; Facebook and Instagram being the platforms that have concentrated most of the fans. 

In all, the contents generated by Euskalduna Conference Centre in social media have generated over 9.7 million views and over 40K of quality interactions. Plus, a total of 54,802 tickets to shows have been purchased through


Euskalduna Conference Centre continues to work on modernising and digitizing its services, in this sense in 2018 it has started up, among others, a wallet service for tickets purchased by means of telematics and has put gift cards on sale for a value of 50€, 100€ and 200€ that are swapped for all the Euskalduna Conference Centre shows that are adhered to this initiative.

Bikain Ziurtagiria

Euskalduna has obtained the BIKAIN Linguistic Quality Management certificate, granted by the Basque Government certifying the Centre’s standardised presence, usage and management of the Basque language.

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