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Chef Eneko Atxa achieves five stars thanks to his three restaurants, Azurmendi***, ENEKO and ENEKO Bilbao.

The prestigious Michelin guide has awarded one star to the ENEKO Bilbao restaurant, located in the Euskalduna Conference Centre, in the very centre of Bilbao.

Inaugurated in May 2018, the ENEKO Bilbao restaurant, designed by Patricia Urquiola, bases its project on Eneko Atxa’s wish to recover and update dishes that form part of his own culinary memory; recipes he has experienced and inherited from his childhood, but prepared from a perspective of simplicity, elegance and maximum quality. Eneko Atxa focuses on a proposal that talks about his land, culture and traditions, Basque producers and their work. A contemporary proposal born from the foundations of Eneko’s cuisine: flavour and technique.

ENEKO Bilbao is a unique restaurant overlooking downtown Bilbao, in which the kitchen, which is integrated into the dining room, is the heart of the space, where he receives and brings his clients together. In order to give each diner a perfect experience, Eneko Atxa has collaborated with Patricia Urquiola, one of the most highly reputed international interior designers. The space combines tradition and modernity, and responds to the marks of identity of the Basque culture, inspired on the gastronomic societies, the ships of the arrantzales (Basque fishermen), the homesteads and their kitchens, in order to create different spaces.