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  • ROOF, an outdoor space to complete the offer of Euskalduna Bilbao


Euskalduna Bilbao keeps its iconic 360° panoramic terrace open, a space that has been enjoyed to the fullest in Aste Nagusia and that, during September and the entire month of October, remains open to expand the offer of Euskalduna Bilbao´s catalog as a tourism center of business, conventions, events, shows, conferences, culture and art.


There are almost 600 meters of outdoor space on the seventh floor of the palace: a terrace equipped to enjoy a time of relax, music and unrivaled views over the entire capital of Biscay. From ROOF Euskalduna Terraza you can see Artxanda, the Iberdrola Tower, the Plaza del Sagrado Corazón, the Bridge and the University of Deusto, Doña Casilda Park, the island of Zorrotzaurre, Itsasmuseum, San Mamés...




ROOF Euskalduna Terraza makes it possible to enjoy the palace under the open sky, revealing itself as a point of enjoyment and meeting, now also available to the clientele of Euskalduna Bilbao. From Friday to Sunday, from 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m, discover ROOF, a unique view from one of the largest rooftops in the town with a bonus of the afternoon meetings in the heart of Abandoibarra. The palace's 'place to be' is a terrace with elegant lines, a contemporary cut, a cocktail bar, a sofa area and a lot of ornamental greenery.

Euskalduna Bilbao promotes the consumption of km 0 products. La Salve beer is served, the second oldest active brewery in the State, with a commitment to generate local value and wealth in the environment.


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