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The Bilbao Music and Conference Centre Palace receives 4 awards as a venue in the categories sustainable venue, versatile venue, outdoor venue/open-air venue and convention center

Bilbao, May 16, 2023

Euskalduna Bilbao is once again the winner with 1 Gold Awards in the sustainable venue category (like Costa Rica Convention Center) and 3 Silver Awards in the versatile venue, outdoor venue/open-air venue and convention center of GLOBAL EVENTEX AWARDS 2023. These are the 4 categories in which Euskalduna has chosen and in which it has appeared as a finalist candidate in all of them. The EVENTEX awards are considered the Oscars within the world of major international events.

In the thirteenth edition of the prestigious Euskalduna Bilbao awards, it once again achieved 4 important distinctions, revalidating the top trophy in the sustainability category, appearing alongside London's Tobacco Dock in the space for the most awarded events (four in each case). To the gold in the sustainable venue section - ecological practices, innovative approaches that protect the environment - are added 3 silvers in the convention center categories - venue for conventions, conferences, large meetings, exhibitions and trade fairs, in which Tobacco Dock obtains the bronze-; versatile venue -adaptability and multifunctionality depending on the type and size of events, surpassing Tobacco Dock- and outdoor venue/open-air venue -possibility of using outdoor and open-air spaces, ahead of The Home Depot Backyard, leaving it deserted the highest distinction, Gold, in these last two categories.


The EVENTEX Awards are a global showcase of excellence in the Meetings&Events sector. Euskalduna Bilbao once again proudly displays distinctions that recognize the innovative and creative desire of the events industry and that support its internationalization strategy to attract Bilbao/Bizkaia as a destination within the meetings and events segment, both national and international. . In 2022 it obtained a Gold award in all the categories for which it was submitted as a candidate: sustainable venue, city venue, versatile and large.