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Euskalduna Bilbao statement due to COVID 19

During the last two weeks, Euskalduna Bilbao has been working with clients and promoters in order to, wherever possible, devise alternatives for their activities. The collaboration with congress, meetings and show organisers has been at all times one of mutual support and consideration in light of this situation, to which we should add the hotel sector and local PCOs.

As a result of this work, a number of important congresses and events have already been put back to the last quarter of 2020. The truth is that the congress and meetings activity until the month of June has mostly been reduced, albeit at present a few bookings are still confirmed. Euskalduna will continue to work with its clients in order to meet the activities that must continue to be held.

The commitment of complying to the recommendations and orders of the health authorities has prevailed at all times and will continue to do so, in order to guarantee the security of organisers and attendees, and in turn, contribute to the work of curbing the spread of COVID 19.

Throughout the entire process of the last few days, Euskalduna’s attitude is being driven by the responsibility for public health, meeting our clients’ needs, and protecting our workers, companies and collaborators.

Being well aware of the major short-term economic loss for Euskalduna Bilbao itself, its concessionary companies, and the territory’s overall “Meetings&Events” sector, we are working with a medium-term outlook to recover as much activity as possible when the situation comes back to normal, and in turn, keep up the level of loyalty and mutual trust with our clients with whom we have in many cases had a long trajectory of two decades working together. We want to guarantee Euskalduna’s and Bilbao destination’s market position.

Euskalduna Bilbao, beyond the holding of events in its premises, will continue attending its clients to provide solutions to the situations that may continue to arise, as well as forwarding the organization of the events to be held in our premises during the rest of the year.

With regard to performances, in collaboration with the promoters and following the criteria of the Bizkaia Provincial Council, all performances scheduled for the next few weeks have been cancelled, a total of 17 performances from 9 different shows. Initially, there are no active performances until mid-April.

As regards the rest of the musical and cultural performances, we will keep you informed of each one given the situation at any time, following the indications of the health authorities, and measures to adopt in order to reduce the repercussion of all those people who have already bought their tickets in the event of any cancellation. For those performances where tickets have been bought through, the price of these tickets will be immediately refunded, and the ticket office will remain closed until further notices.

We would like to thank the media for understanding our silence over the last few weeks, but the work of reshuffling the activities and events, required –and to date continues to require- the discretion demanded by our clients, especially in the congress and meetings sector. It is they who must at all times, inform you of any issues regarding their activities.

It is for this reason, we cannot offer any specific details regarding the different congresses, meetings and events in this statement, but we can provide some figures further than those supplied for performances. March and May were the two months of significant activity foreseen for this year at Euskalduna. More than 90% of our activity will be cancelled between March and May. This means 65 events between congresses, conventions and meetings. Nevertheless, the truth is that with the work and collaboration of all the parties involved over the last few weeks, we have managed to re-locate our twelve most important congresses and reschedule them for the last quarter of this year.

Lastly, we would like to convey that Euskalduna Bilbao has proven over its last twenty-one years of activity that it is a success story generating economic, social and cultural wealth, and once this crisis has been overcome, it will get back to work to continue being the key driving force for Bizkaia.

Euskalduna Bilbao’s management will like to expressly thank the support we are receiving at all times from the Bizkaia Provincial Council, institutional owner of the institution, from our clients and promoters for their collaboration and consideration, to our concessionary companies and suppliers, to their workers, and to the entire “Euskalduna family”. This ship still has many seas to sail and many challenges to achieve.