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28 & 29 september 2022

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The EUROFORGE conFAIR is the only European fair and conference specifically designed for the forging industry. All members of the forging family are invited to join in this trendsetting event.

The 2nd EUROFORGE conFAIR will bring together the best suppliers, the most innovative scientists, and the leaders of the forging industry in order to discuss the opportunities and threats of the current industrial megatrends and their effects on the forging world.

The programme focuses on the future market and social requirements for the industry. The megatrends are carbon reduction, digitisation, new materials and the transformation of the automotive industry. In the scientific as well as in the industrial presentations, the EUROFORGE conFAIR will try and find answers to these challenges as a combination of best practice solutions and new R&D-findings. This will build the base for a successful future of the forging industry.

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