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23-26 september 2021

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From 23 to 26 September, Bilbao will host Spain’s largest scientific outreach event: Naukas Bilbao.


This is a four-day show for all audiences, where science, scepticism, and humour are mixed together through specific activities for youths and adults. Four days in which scientific knowledge outreach will be the star, presenting itself in a simple and relaxed way. In 2021, Naukas Bilbao is celebrating its tenth edition at the Euskalduna Bilbao Auditorium, where a programme comprised of 10-20 minute talks will be presented. Each of the performances will touch on a different topic, which will provide the show with its usual energy. Likewise, the speakers will address different scientific themes using diverse elements to spread knowledge, such as theatre, live music, and humour. On the last day, Naukas will close its doors with a collection of scientific monologues offered by Big Van Ciencia.

The major outreach event Naukas returns to Bilbao to celebrate its tenth edition (finally), which will take place in Euskalduna Bilbao on 23, 24, 25, and 26 September. As has become tradition over the last years, the event’s breakdown will be:

Thursday 23: Naukas PRO

Friday 24 and Saturday 25: Naukas Bilbao 2021

Sunday 26: Naukas KIDS

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